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Cellular mast application update

By March 14, 2017February 27th, 2020City Notifications

Update on Cell Mast Application Dunedin (Erf 930-27)

The next step in this application process is a meeting of the Municipal Planning Tribunal (MPT)  scheduled for 22 March 2017.

Each Planning Tribunal Panel Member receives a consolidated report that includes all objections/reasons for support received by City by the deadline date and the applicant’s response to these.

The MPT consider:
all the objections/reasons for support received
the relevant telecommunications policy and
any other relating laws before making a decision whether to approve or refuse the application.
The NRPA will have a representative at this Planning Tribunal Meeting.

The only additional information that can be presented to the MPT, at this meeting, are comments NOT already contained in the original letters of objection/support.

To our knowledge, everyone who objected/supported this application, in writing, by the deadline date, has been notified of the MPT as is required.

We will update you when we have more information to share.