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NRPA Cell Mast Communication to Members

By September 24, 2016February 27th, 2020City Notifications

Cell Mast Application (No 70266559) 22 Dunedin Avenue, Noordhoek

Note that on some drawings this road is annotated as Sleepy Hollow Lane.  This is incorrect.  The property in question is at the bottom of Dunedin Avenue, number 22.

We ask that you read all the information in this communication so that you can make an informed decision.

Health Risks
According to Dr Sophie Billington [BSc, MBBS (UK), MRCGP (UK), Dip ECD (SA)], Noordhoek resident and lecturer at UCT medical school:

“The research of the potential adverse effects of cell phones and cell phone masts is mixed and hence they have been given a health level of ‘May be harmful’ rather than ‘Are harmful’ or ‘Not known to be harmful to humans’.

Most studies have been performed only on adults. All recommend further studies on children as developing brains and cells are far more sensitive to radiation and other external agents than developed ones.”

Studies into health effects over longer periods of time are still in progress.  So we have no real definitive answers.

You can read The Department of Health’s statement here and on p46 of the Telecommunications Policy 2015.  This is the view likely to be taken by decision makers when considering this cell mast application.

Official Notice of Application and Invitation to Respond
Please note that for your letter (whether of support/objection/comment) to be considered it needs to include:

  1. The Application Number (70266559)
  2. Your full name
  3. Your residential address
  4. Your contact details (email and a phone number)
    Your preferred address for notification
  5. Your interest in the application
  6. Your reasons for objecting/supporting/commenting
  7. Including the effect that the cell mast will have on you and other people.
  8. Any inconsistency with policy (main policy here is the Telecommunications Policy of 2015.  Please read this policy.

All comments or objections can be hand delivered to the District Manager, CoCT Southern District Office, 3 Victoria Rd, Plumstead, or emailed to Closing date for comments and/or objections is 24 October 2016.

Note that your letter to council will get forwarded to the applicant for response.

Any of you who have already sent in responses that do not meet the above criteria are advised to consider resubmitting.

Information and links to documents pertaining to the application

Click the underlined headings and/or text for the links to documents:


Public Safety Zones

  • Please see especially pages 2 & 3:
    • Red Circle is the 5m occupational safety zone
    • Yellow Circle is 10 meter occupational safety zone
    • Green circle is the 50m public safety zone.  Note the home inside the green circle is not that of the applicant

Please note page 25 of the City of Cape Town Telecommunication Mast Infrastructure Policy of 2015, Objective 10.3:

“Ob.10.3. With the exception of Minor Freestanding Base Telecommunication Stations, antennas should be located and positioned so that no habitable structures are within a zone of 50m directly in front of the antennas at the same height. The following diagram generally illustrates acceptable and unacceptable positioning of antennas.”

As seen in the extract above, the 50m safety zone is applicable to buildings that are the same height or higher than the antennas on the mast. The 50m safety zone is NOT on the ground but directly in line with the antennas which is illustrated by the 50m Safety Zone Drawing (the green section) attached. There is no habitable buildings within a 50m range of this mast that is in line with the antennas so it falls in line with the above mentioned Safety Zone according to the City of Cape Town Legislation

Building Plan (tower & antennae height = 15m in total)

The document titled Building_20plan was for the pre-consultation with the Council regarding the above mentioned site. Although the initial plans said a 25m mast, the outcome of the pre-consultation was that the Council will only allow the application to be considered if the mast was lowered to a 15m tree mast. File Amended_20drawing.pdf shows the latest drawings. These drawings are also the final drawings that were submitted with the Consent Use Application.

  • Page 3 indicates position of base and tower on the property.  This is inside the building line restriction of 5m from the boundary, hence the request for a departure (see below).
  • Page 6 is a plan of the base (roughly 9m x 6m) showing a generator parking area, apron and space for base station equipment.
  • Please also read the comments on the right hand side of this diagram indicating that changes may be made to layout, etc.
  • Page 7 shows the plan for the tower, including antennae.  Note this appears to be 15m in total. In addition, a navigation light will be placed on top of a 2.5 – 3m high extension.

Amended Site Development Plan

  • Note page 5 which indicates that the proposed base and tower be erected in the 5m restricted building line.  Hence the request for the following departure:
    • Setback 1.5 m from Dunedin instead of legislated 5m
    • Setback of 0m from the southern boundary shared with a neighbour.

Amended Drawing

  • Note p3 indicating that the tall trees on the boundary between this property and the neighbouring property are to be trimmed to allow a 3 meter clearance for the antennae.We hope to arrange an information meeting within the next two weeks aimed at NRPA members and the immediate neighbours (who received official invitations to respond from the City of Cape Town.)

Details to follow.


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