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Cell mast application for Noordhoek Caravan Park
On Tuesday the 17 July 2018 a large group of Noordhoek residents concerned about a 25m cell mast proposal attended the Municipal Planning Tribunal (MPT) meeting at the Alphen Centre.
We were allowed 10 minutes to present our argument against this application to the MPT and this presentation was done by Alderman Felicity Purchase and a neighbour Julian Smit, supported by Councillor Simon Liell-Cock. The case they presented was based on questioning the need for the mast, the siting of the mast on the site and the huge visual impact it would have in the area as it would be impossible to hide it. The fact that other possible sites and co-location of service providers on existing masts had not been sufficiently investigated by the developer was also highlighted. Our speakers highlighted the fact that we are not saying “no” to masts in general as we recognise the need for the communication technology. The MTP was notified of our efforts to engage constructively and pro-actively with the City Officials, Ward Councillors and the developers to find more suitable sites on which cell masts could be placed that would have the community support.
The City were, at the outset, not ready to support this application and the presentation by the Councillors and Julian Smit re-enforced this opinion in all the members of the Tribunal.
The decision by the MPT was thus that the application not be supported and was turned down.
The reasons sighted by the MPT were that it was visually not acceptable and that alternative sites and co-location had not been adequately researched.
We are delighted with this outcome and the working group that has been established  will continue their work to find acceptable sites for masts in the Noordhoek area.