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Caravan Park development update

Caravan Park update

As many of you may be aware, NRPA, along with NEAG and many neighbours and concerned residents objected to the Caravan Park development. The objections were overruled in a Municipal Planning Tribunal (MPT) meeting in November 2022. NRPA, along with a concerned neighbour decided to appeal the MPT decision.


The appeal hearing is today, January 31st. Because our planning portfolio Exco member is travelling, Jonathan Mills, thankfully agreed to step in to present our case to the Planning Appeals Advisory Panel. Ultimately this panel will deliver an advice to the Mayor, who has the final say.


As NRPA we are not against all development. We are, however, opposed to developments that do not protect the long-term interests of our tourist and equine economy. The rural character of Noordhoek, with open space and closeness to nature, is a unique selling point for visitors and residents alike and it must be protected. The caravan park development misses the mark in many ways.


Our main arguments against the proposed development are:

1. the proposal is undesirable: it goes against the planning by-laws and contradicts the needs of our economies; the resulting plot sizes (450-680m2) are in no way in keeping with surrounding plots (>4,000m2); community objection is widespread
2. the mitigation measures are inadequate
3. development within the planning by-laws is viable and desirable
4. the consequences of approving the application will have far-reaching effects as it will set precedents for future subdivisions.
Here is a selection of the slides to be used in the presentation.