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Caravan park appeal outcome

As many of Noordhoek residents will recall, the NRPA, along with 50 residents and other civic organisations, objected to the planning application to rezone and subdivide the Caravan Park property on Noordhoek Main Road. In our opinion the resulting erf sizes (500-1000m2) were in contradiction with the Local Area Overlay, which says that in that location the minimum erf size is 4000m2. The reason for this minimum size is to ensure that the land in this central location is used in a way that reinforces Noordhoek’s open and rural character. This character is what makes it so appealing to residents and tourists alike. The combined equine and touristic economy is one of the main drivers of employment in Noordhoek and must be protected for the sake of local businesses as well as employment in neighbouring communities like Masiphumelele and Ocean View.

Although our objections were initially denied by the Municipal Planning Tribunal, NRPA, together with NEAG and a neighbour, decided to appeal the tribunal’s decision before the Mayor of Cape Town.

The decision of the Mayor has been to partially uphold the appeal (all relevant documents are attached below). He has ruled that the development may proceed with the following conditions:

1. The 4 erven along Main Road must be combined to a single, larger plot of 4442 m2
2. The 3 large (>4000m2) erven along the Eastern and Southern boundary may not be subdivided in the future.


While this is not the outcome we had asked for (and we firmly disagree with the planning department’s statement that this development is better than our proposal for 12x4000m2 erven), we are aware that with these conditions the smaller erven will be hidden from view and will remain so in the future with the prohibition of further subdivision. NRPA has therefore decided to accept the Mayor’s decision.

This ruling can be considered a positive sign that council planning decisions can be influenced with consistent and reasonable communication. NRPA will therefore continue along the path as set out, which is to:

a. Be in discussion with residents about which types of development are desirable in the valley

b. Critically assess each planning application and where necessary, object and appeal to it

c. Engage with CoCT planning officials to explain our point of view and to work at enshrining our vision in by-laws and spatial development frameworks

Should you have questions about the caravan park or any other planning related matters then please reach out to us on email