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Dear Sir / Madam

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Notice is hereby given that an application for a liquor licence, was received as follows:

Our Reference Number: LLA1802004
Applicants Name: Noordhoek Wine Estate PTY LTD
Applicants ID or Reg No: 1995/007544/07
Kind of Licence: Consumption ON Premises
Business Name: Cape Point Vineyards
Proposed Address Erf: Portion 1 Farm 934 Silvermine Road Noordhoek , Silvermine Road, Noordhoek has been lodged with the Western Cape Liquor Authority and was delivered to our office.

Please complete your comments on the template attached with regards to the application concerned, within fourteen (14) days from date hereof, this will enable our office to submit the formal comments received by the SubCouncil on the application to the City Manager, for submission to the Liquor Authority, on or before the due date, 2018/02/21.

You are not precluded from submitting objections/comments on an application directly to the Liquor Authority as well, should you wish to do so. Email

Criteria for NOT granting licences:

31.(1) The Liquor Licensing Tribunal or Presiding Officer, as the case may be, may not grant a licence, unless it or he or she is satisfied on the balance or probabilities that –
(a) the granting thereof is in the public interest;
(b) the applicant is of good character, and not disqualified from holding a licence in terms of section 35;
(c) the premises on which the sale or consumption of liquor will take place are or will upon completion be suitable for use by
the applicant for the purposes of the licence;
(d) the applicant has the right to occupy the proposed licensed premises; and
(e) the granting of the application does not prejudice –
(I) the residents of a residential area;
(ii)the residents of an institution for the aged or frail;
(iii)the learners of an educational institution who are under the age of eighteen (18) years;
(iv)the patients of an institution for drug or alcohol related dependencies; or
(v) the congregants of a religious institution located in the vicinity of the proposed licensed premises.”

Your co-operation in this regard is appreciated.

Yours faithfully

Subcouncil 19






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