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Cape Point Vineyards application to subdivide and consolidate

Application for subdivision and consolidation: remainder portion 1 of Cape Farm 934, and portion 67 of Cape Farm 934, 1 Willowfield Street Noordhoek and 9 Silvermine Road Noordhoek (Cape Point Vineyards)

The NRPA has received a planning application for Farm 934 (Cape Point Vineyards) requesting a consolidation of portions 1 and 67 and a subdivision of the consolidated erf.

Application details:

Remainder Portion 1 of Cape Farm 934 & Portion 67 of Cape Farm 934 (Cape Point Vineyards)
Address: Silvermine Road, NOORDHOEK
Application number/Case ID: 70589706
Deadline for comments/objections: 18/05/2022

Proposed Subdivision of Consolidated Farms934-67&Rem934-1_Feb2022
Erf 934 Notice Combined
Erf 934 Motivation report_Redacted

Purpose of the application

To cadastrally separate a southern part of the farm from the balance of the farm (which includes the existing internal access road linking with Silvermine Road and Portion 67). Portion 1 will be able to utilize this internal access road for services and a right of way via registration of a servitude over this part of the Remainder.


  • Consolidation of Portion 67 of Cape Farm 934 and Remainder Portion 1 of Cape Farm 934.


  • Subdivision of the consolidated property (unregistered Erf 5134, Noordhoek) into 2 portions: Portion 1 (±9,35ha) and a Remainder (±41,39ha).

Residents wishing to do comment or object can use the attached form. This can be done by printing the form and filling it in, or directly in a pdf programme such as Adobe or Preview.

All submissions need to include the following information:

  • The application reference number (see above)
  • The details of the person submitting the comment or objection, including your full name, interest in the application, address, contact details and the method by which you can be contacted.
  • The reason for the objection, including the effect that the application will have on a person/area and any aspect of the application that you consider inconsistent with policy, and how.

Send the objection form and attachment (if any) to email address or fax: 086 202 9985. It can also be submitted in writing – please arrange an appointment with (phone no 021 444 2619) to hand it in.

Please send a copy of your objection to so that we know who has commented/objected and on what grounds.

Please take a look at the following Q&A’s for more information or reach out to