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CoCT Tabled Budget for Subcouncil 19. Public participation process

City of Cape Town

2022/23 Tabled Budget for Subcouncil 19 of the City of Cape Town.

Click below to see the 2022/23 public participation process. Follow the feedback process on the last page. Please cc in your reply.

CoCT Subcouncil 19 (which manages wards 61, 64 and 69) has published the draft budget for the coming 3 years. The link will take you to a presentation of the budget, which is still a draft. The public is encouraged to read the budget and provide feedback/comments using the information on the last page of the presentation. Please send a copy of your comments to as the NRPA sits on the ward committee and attends sub-council meetings for the community. Copying us in helps us to reinforce your opinions.

The deadline for comments is May 3rd 2022


Subcouncil 19 mtg 05 April_22