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Application to enable non-residential use of 38 Beach Road; to allow for a guesthouse.

The NRPA has received a planning application for Erf 13-RE (38 Beach Road), requesting the lifting of the conditions that the property only be used for residential purposes. It further requests permission to use the property as a guesthouse, to raise the existing ground level by 2.8m and a number of departures from the development management scheme.


Application details:

Erf:                                                                    13-RE, CHAPMAN’S PEAK, NOORDHOEK
Address:                                                          38 BEACH ROAD, NOORDHOEK
Application number/Case ID:                   70488894

Deadline for comments/objections: 02/10/2021

The application is asking for the following:

  1. deletion of restrictive title deed condition in title deed of Remainder Erf 13 relating to the use of the property for residential purposes only (no shop or hotel and no commercial or industrial business shall be carried on thereon).
  2. consent use in terms of Item 21(c) of the Development Management Scheme to permit the property to be used as a guest house.
  3. Council’s approval in terms of Item 126(a) of the DMS to permit a portion of the ground floor of the existing dwelling to be raised 2.8m from the existing ground level.
  4. departures from the Development Management Scheme:
  • Item 22(d): to permit the existing main dwelling house to be 2.5m from the eastern common boundary, in lieu of 6m, on the first & second floors.
  • Item 22(d): to permit the existing braai area to be 0.4m & 0.5m from the eastern common boundary, in lieu of 6m, on the first floor only.
  • Item 22(d): to permit the second dwelling & entertainment studio to be 0.4m, 0.9m & 1m from the southern common boundary, in lieu of 6m.
  • Item 22(d): to permit a portion of the rondavel to be sited 0.9m from the northern common boundary, in lieu of 6m.
  • Item 22(c)(ii): to permit a portion of the second dwelling & entertainment studio erected within 3m of the southern common boundary to be 5.6m in height, in lieu of 4m.
  • Item 137: to permit a total of 12 bays on site, in lieu of the required 13 parking bays.

At this point in time NRPA has not yet decided if comments or objections will be submitted. Residents wishing to do so can use the attached form. This can be done by printing the form and filling it in, or directly in a pdf programme such as Adobe or Preview.

All submissions need to include the following information:

  • The application reference number (see above)
  • The details of the person submitting the comment or objection, including your full name, interest in the application, address, contact details and the method by which you can be contacted.
  • The reason for the objection, including the effect that the application will have on a person/area and any aspect of the application that you consider inconsistent with policy, and how.

Send the objection to email address or fax: 086 202 9985. It can also be submitted in writing – please arrange an appointment with (phone no 021 444 2619) to hand it in.

Please send a copy of your objection to so that we know who has objected and on what grounds.

Please take a look at the following Q&A’s for more information or reach out to

Motivation Consent Use Report



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