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Chapman’s Peak Amdec Development

Chapman’s Peak Amdec Development

The Noordhoek Ratepayers Association and The Noordhoek Environmental Action Group (NEAG) would like to reassure our residents that we are working together to ensure that Amdec are held accountable to adhere to the full environmental plan that was authorised by Province about this development, as we are not convinced that it is being adequately adhered to.

Province and the City are doing a joint inspection to check compliance with the development conditions and they have promised they will report back to us. No response has been received from Amdec despite several messages being shared with them.

For background information:

The Chapman’s Peak Estate is located above Chapman’s Peak Drive. It is currently owned by property development company AMDEC, who are preparing the estate according to the original (applied 2008, approved 2011) environmental and planning application. As many Noordhoek old-timers will know, the property was previously a kaolin mine, owned by Serina Investments PTY Ltd, a mining company (who still own the wine-making facility and offices next door). There is a rich history of community activism around this site, which could explain the many questions that are being raised. This post serves to answer some frequently asked questions.

Who owns the plot? 

  • Amdec Residential Developments (Pty) Ltd. Their offices are in Lakeside (Tokai)

What is being developed? 

  • 29 plots of varying sizes (4000 – 7000m2), around a large central open area within a secured estate. The entrance to the development is located on the adjacent property (erf 701) and therefore shares the turnoff from Chapman’s Peak Drive. Amdec is developing the site according to the approved Environmental Approval.

When was the development approved?

  • The first application was submitted by Serina Investments in 2008. Environmental Approval was granted after a lengthy comment and appeal procedure in 2011. The property was subsequently split into the current erven (704 and 701) and erf 704 was sold to Amdec somewhere in 2016 (according to NRPA records). Due to the change in erf boundaries and ownership, Environmental Approval was renewed in 2022.

Why is there so much dust?

  • the property has kaolin deposits which have been disturbed by the contractor while preparing the site. Kaolin is a very fine clay material used in the production of ceramics.

Why did they cut down all the trees?

  • the trees on the property were predominantly alien species (gum, port Jackson, pine), which needed to be cleared for reduction of the risk of fires. Residents who were in Noordhoek during the 2015 fire will recall the concerns surrounding this plot at the time.

What will it look like when it is finished?

  • Amdec has assured NRPA that the estate will be planted with indigenous vegetation. The plots will be sold on a “plot and plan” basis, it will be the responsibility of the new owner to build following these plans.

What is the erf number of the plot? 

  • Erf 704 Chapman’s Peak

How can I reach the developer with questions/complaints? 

  • The responsible manager is Nicholas Stopforth.

Who is the environmental consultant responsible for monitoring the execution of the EMP?

When will the plots go on sale?

  • This has not yet been confirmed. It was originally planned for November 2023.