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The NRPA AGM took place at Monkey Valley on April 16, 2018 at 6:30pm

WELCOME………..and thank you for making a concerted effort to attend this evening……this being our third Noordhoek Ratepayers AGM.

  • We are here to present feedback on our achievements and financials for the period April 2017 to March 2018.
  • It has been another eventful year where we have solved many issues pertaining to the valley and yet there is always so much that needs to be done – both short and long term.
  • The committee has worked incredibly hard to serve the Noordhoek Community.

Tonight we will:

  • Hear the Chairman’s and Treasurers Report
  • Have a presentation of the new NRPA website and creating the hub environment pertaining to the 2030 Noordhoek vision
  • We’ll have feedback on beach security and Houmoed Road
  • We will discuss the possible SRA (Special Rates Area) plan for the valley
  • What ‘red flags’ need to be addressed
  • Vote for 2018 Subs and the new EXCO
  • Have a Q & A session


I request that

  • We respect the feedback that will be presented by both the Chairman and Treasurer.
  • Should you have a concern or query, that you ask this during our dedicated question and answer session?
  • That you listen attentively to the new website presentation with an open mind and …….
  • That we listen to each other so that we can broaden our understanding of the issues and suggestions within our community.


Our achievements for 2017/18 are many.

  • The NRPA is running efficiently & effectively and is being well managed.
  • Our membership grew from 240 ratepayers this time last year to 285.
  • Meetings are held monthly with minutes posted on our webpage.
  • We have sound fiscal policies and are building a base from which to eventually look at employing a permanent administrative person. This is vital if we are going to continue to make the progress we are currently making. I will elaborate on this topic later under the proposed SRA system.
  • Communication is good via direct mail to members and prudent use of social media.


This portfolio is led by Liz Smith, ably assisted by Stephen Cruikshank and Michelle van Blommestein.

  • Under the guidance of at first, Tracy Brownlee and then Brendan Jenman the NRPA website was redesigned.
  • The concept of an interactive, community driven online “Community Hub” was financed by the NRPA and driven by Brendan Jenman.
  • Water, or the lack of it, formed a large part of our communications to our members.
  • A public Water Crisis meeting was convened where South Peninsula Water and our ward councillor addressed the members on the crisis and on progress of augmenting supply – the Cape Times subsequently reported the NRPA as being one of the more pro-active and organised groups around the water issue.
  • Newsletters were sent out detailing the many environmental and social initiatives active in the valley, and ad hoc information and media statements from the City were posted and mailed as required.


Sharon Long heads up the Civic portfolio. Sharon has been involved with the NRPA for the past year and is assisted by Peter Ray.

  • Sharon has been at the forefront of sorting out the water crisis for the NRPA and continues to liaise with the Far South Peninsula Water and Community Forum to keep Noordhoek updated.
  • Graffiti & Illegal signage removal has taken place on a regular basis.
  • A team has been hard at work tackling invasive species on Municipal land…….you will see fire breaks on Chapmans Peak and surrounding areas.
  • Project Noordhoeked, led by Sonette Hill, has done a magnificent job to keep the surrounding areas of Noordhoek clean from litter.


Marc Bakker has headed up this portfolio.

  • Marc has also been the Chairperson for Noordhoek Tourism.
  • Noordhoek Tourism has been, in co-operation with ‘On the Verge’, the initiator for the Noordhoek Open Garden Competition which had its 3rd edition this year.
  • The event raised R60 000 for ‘On the Verge’, a community greening organization that maintains and beautifies public spaces in Noordhoek.
  • Noordhoek Tourism upgraded one the rooms in the Noordhoek Community Centre and is now using it as a Tourist Information Office.
  • Noordhoek has a number of active organizations and on a regular base Marc has kept contact with them by attending their meetings or on an informal basis.


Jenny Shaw leads the Planning and Land Use Portfolio.

  • Jenny regularly attends Ward Council meetings with Felicity Purchase.
  • She attends monthly Sub Council meetings and reports are given to the Exco.
  • This portfolio attends the Far South Peninsula Community Forum meetings on a monthly basis and Jenny has been elected onto this Exco.
  • Mall meetings are attended quarterly.
  • She handles all objections submitted to the various land use applications for consent and sub-divisions.
  • This portfolio deals with the city on traffic issues, civic services and law enforcement issues.
  • This portfolio requires a great deal of reading, to develop knowledge of Planning Laws, Land Use Rights, Building Regulations and Policies.
  • Special events applications all come through this portfolio where Jenny checks that the application complies with City regulations, including notification of neighbours.
  • Providing advice is a key element of this portfolio specifically in areas of appeals process for rates valuations.
  • Primary, Secondary and Consent Use rights and
  • Dispute resolution in land use issues between neighbours.
  • All planning applications are co-ordinated by this portfolio, including:
  • Departures from building regulations and the cell mast applications

The focus is on ensuring that public participation processes, as defined by law, are followed and that City Policy is accurately applied to decision making.


The NRPA is not an enforcement agent but tries to ensure compliance via consultation, engagement and reporting to the relevant authorities if this becomes necessary.


Rob Speedy has led this portfolio for the past three years.

  • In 2017 we had 150 paid up members.
  • Our membership has grown steadily. Currently we have 330 subscribers and 280 unique ratepayers of which 199 are paid up. That’s 70%, but is unfortunately only 10% of all ratepayers in Noordhoek.
  • A self-service database accessible from our website was set up this year, making electronic membership applications easier and allowing members to update their own details.

The Treasurers portfolio has been tracking the availability of fibre in Noordhoek.

The Treasurer is also responsible for representation on the Noordhoek Community Centre management committee. This meeting room has been set up and is furnished and is being reasonably well used.



Subs for 2018/2019.

What your current Exco committee proposes is that annual subs remain the same for the year ahead, with an option to donate more for those wishing to do so.

EXCO nominations for 2018/2019:

Chair: Brad Bing

Civic: Sharon Long

Planning and Land Use: Jenny Shaw

Communication: Brendan Jenman

Treasurer: Rob Speedy

General: Liz Smith

Going forward we will focus on:

  • Improving relationships with other interest groups in Noordhoek.
  • Developing a specific strategy for each piece of City owned land in Noordhoek.
  • Expanding the EXCO support team, especially the Planning and Land Use Portfolio’s…..and to
  • Inform our members of the importance to create the SRA (Special Rates Area) billing system for all properties in Noordhoek . . . this is the simplest solution for the lack of interest in joining / paying subs coupled with the high demand for excellent civic service in our community.




A great deal of time goes into running the NRPA. We are grateful for the support of the following:

  • Judy Sole and her team at Monkey Valley.
  • 2017/2018 EXCO & the support team for their unselfish service to the Noordhoek community.
  • As a voluntary organization, Exco members come and go and we say thanks to Marc Bakker who is not able to stand and we thank him for what he has contributed to our community over the past year.
  • Our Ward Councilor, Felicity Purchase for her support with the City of Cape Town.
  • The Noordhoek Community.