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Dear NRPA Members and Noordhoek residents,

As the year draws to a close we reflect with gratitude on the very special community that is Noordhoek. This valley of elemental beauty where people really care for the wild places and each verge, for our common, beach and mountains; for the owls and the toads, the horses and lost dogs; for the safety and wellbeing of neighbours and of those living down the road; and for helping to ‘unplug’, slow down and extend a friendly hand to those just passing through.

Thank you Noordhoek!
Where else can you find such a bunch of creative individuals, so engaged in their surroundings, living in such relative harmony as a community? It’s a pleasure (and pretty hard work) to serve you.

We wish you all a peaceful, safe and happy holiday season.

Always Noordhoeked,
The NRPA Exco