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NRPA EXCO Meeting 25 May 2017 18h00 – 19h30

By May 30, 2017November 29th, 2017Meeting Minutes, NRPA Notification

NRPA EXCO Meeting Minutes: 25 May 2017 18h00 – 19h30

Summary: Transport Plan, Houmoed Road, Seascape Rd public open space, Council owned land in Noordhoek, Website, 2030 Project Update, NRPA Inclusivity, Cell Mast, Drones, Dog-poo composting,  Masi Video and Development Framework, NEAG.

Present: Brad Bing (Chair), Jenny Shaw, Sharon Long, Liz Smith, Marc Bakker

By Invitation: Stephen Cruickshank,, Peter Ray, Rob Speedy, Michelle van Blommestein, Tracy Brownlee, Brian Baldwin (NEAG), Mark Frankels, Brendan Jenman.


Mark Frankels, Brian Baldwin and Brendan Jenman were welcomed and thanked for their presence and interest.

MF is keen to get involved in NRPA both in financials and in generating database of Noordhoek residents/ratepayers, and finding ways to increase membership and involvement.

B.Baldwin is NEAG representative.

BJ from Cape Villa Collection – collecting info on all different Ndhk groups – attending meetings as an observer to get a feel of what is happening in the valley.


Matters Arising out of Minutes

Transport Plan

The City’s Transport plan for the South Peninsula (Ou Kaapse Weg all the way to Cape Point) is due to come out shortly.  A public participation process will then be instituted and essential that the NRPA is involved – any transport plan needs to tie in with land development/policy. Transport plan focuses on goals for 2032 – NRPA asking for an interim 5 year plan to deal with immediate problems.

Houmoed Road

The EIA for Houmoed Rd extension is also imminent but NRPA has heard that government does not have the funds to build a permanent road.

Concern that a sub-standard ‘temporary’ road will be constructed which will become permanent.

Further NRPA action – once both Transport Plan and EIA are available.

Seascape Rd Public open space

NRPA to engage with local community who have the option of either purchasing or leasing this pathway from the City – NRPA view is that formal processes need to be followed, cannot just close off public space unilaterally – could set a precedent.

Action – JS will meet with residents involved to communicate this.

Map of all Council owned land in Noordhoek

NRPA existing map may be outdated.

Google maps can be used to overlay map to determine vacant and developed land – Contact Alan Collins

Draft Transport Plan makes no reference to large portion of land on corner of Noordhoek Main Rd and Katzenellonbogen Rds. Perhaps it is regarded as unsuitable for development?

Action – JS to identify all council owned land and what is planned for each piece.


A number of designers in the valley were approached, two were shortlisted and interviewed and Matthew Rosman is recommended – he is local and within budget, with both design and copywriting abilities.

Discussion around the names of both the NRPA and 2030 Vision Process – it was decided that the names should remain unchanged but a more inviting/catchy by-line could be added and logos improved.

2030 Project Update

MvB has met with and interviewed 8 or more of the projects already and TB is busy with writing them up for posting on the NRPA website under the headers of the six 2030 goals. The Straws Suck project is uploaded under Tread Lightly. MvB will continue this process of collecting info and networking, with planned updates every 6 weeks.

Local print media have not been used as social media is deemed to receive greater coverage. NRPA facebook page has increased by 70 followers in past month.

BB thanked TB and MvB for being the driving force creating energy around the 2030 Projects.

NRPA Inclusivity – Difference between Voice and Vote

Existing website does not appear inviting to Noordhoek residents who do not own property here. Perception created that only property owners can get involved as the current system requires an erf number to register. It should be easy to remedy this and create 2 categories – ratepayers and residents.

Action – RS will look into this.

Cell Phone Tower

This has been approved by the city. As one of the cell mast objectors NRPA received a letter to Noordhoek residents requesting the donation of funds to lodge an appeal against this decision. Exco feels it cannot support this appeal without knowing what new grounds will be put forward to justify the process and large expense.

Action – LS to reply to this letter as per the above.

It is important to keep abreast of developments regarding the tower so we can answer residents’ queries with fact.

Action – BB will email and possibly meet the landowner for this purpose.




  • Pedestrian and horse crossing cnr Ndhk Main Rd/Seacottage Dr – the city is reducing the speed limit from 70 to 60km/hr here.
  • After looking into regulations about residential flagpoles/windsocks (none) SL offered mediation services between relevant neighbours.
  • Complaints received about Drone flying – Aviation by-laws cover this. Action – SL to write up the by-laws and SC will post to website and social media.
  • Taxi using Oak Rd – needs to be addressed in a way that is not perceived as discriminatory – e.g. Uber is allowed free access. Need to build good connections with taxi associations. SL will research.
  • Green wardens – report will be forthcoming once Robin Stott is back in CT.
  • Greg Kemp of Open-Up – writes up by-laws in understandable user-friendly ways. Would be good to invite him to one of our next meetings.

Action – SL/LS


  • Dog-poo composting – On-the-Verge and Common Committee are planning to experiment with creating dog-poo composting in various public places, common, beach, sports fields – will also create some jobs. Ndhk Tourism will contribute to funding.
  • Dutch TV will be interviewing MB re Noordhoek.
  • General Portfolio is vital – forms the link between all the different groups in Noordhoek. Action – MB to connect with and attend meetings of all other groups in Noordhoek


  • Settling into the liaison role between public and portfolios
  • No newsletter this month due to being away – thanked SC for following up on various items.
  • Followed up on letter from visitors regarding Hoerrikwaggo trail, signage and polluted stream.
  • Supported TB and attended meetings/presentations re NRPA and 2030 website.
  • NRPA content for website – Action -LS to compile


  • Attended Long Beach Mall meeting – dredging of polluted pond at Sun Valley Mall discussed.
  • Cell Mast – ongoing
  • Masi Video – BBC documentary planned of living conditions there.
  • Masi Development Framework has still not been released by the city even though this is required.
  • Erf 5135 – marked for Masi development.


  • R21 000 in subscriptions
  • 104 paid up members
  • R68 000 in bank
  • Community Centre – RS has been liaising with them, has purchased chairs and tables – we will possibly have our next meeting there.
  • Action – RS –short report-what the money is spent on so people know where it is going – for posting/newsletter .



  • Large amounts of thatch on land near the vet, Main Rd was intended as mulch. A fire hazzard. BB to contact Judy Sol/Monkey Valley to inform them the CCT has brought this to our attention.
  • Positive news – create a list of who is doing what in the valley, including Masi, that is having a positive impact and creating employment. LS to compile and send to BB.
  • TB to email Monkey Valley to thank for hosting website meetings/presentations


  • Will send a rep to Exco meetings regularly
  • BBaldwin will forward NEAG membership list to MF.

Next Meeting: Thursday 22 June 2017 18.00 – 19.30

Monkey Valley