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2022 Valuation Roll now available

By March 22, 2023March 28th, 2023City Notifications, Civic, NRPA Notification, Spotlight

2022 Property Valuation Roll

CoCT has recently published the new 2022 Valuation Roll. This is important information for property owners, since property valuations determine the amount of municipal rates that they must pay. While the previous update was in 2018, some properties’ valuations were updated in the years after 2018 via supplementary valuations.

CoCT reported an average increase for residential properties of 10.6% (2022 vs 2018).

Some important points:
– valuations can be accessed via this link:
– the valuations can be objected to. The deadline for this is April 30th 2023
– the NRPA will be hosting an information session about the Valuation roll & how residents can object in the most effective way. Date and time to be confirmed soon
– in advance of the information session NRPA will be posting a poll via Facebook, WhatsApp and NRPA mailing list to get your feedback on your valuation increase. This information will be collated (anonymously) and presented at the session mentioned above.