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2017 Annual General Meeting Minutes

By May 14, 2017March 13th, 2020Events & Meetings, NRPA Notification

Noordhoek Ratepayers Association AGM 2017

 Date:              Monday 27th March
Venue:           Monkey Valley
Time:              18h30 – 20h00

The NRPA Chairman, Brad Bing welcomed the attendees and thanked everyone for making a concerted effort to attend……this being our second Noordhoek Ratepayers AGM.

  • Feedback was presented on our achievements and financials for the period April 2016 to March 2017.
  • BB reported that it has been another eventful year where the NRPA has solved many issues pertaining to the valley and yet there is always so much more that needs to be done both short and long term.
  • The committee worked hard to serve the Noordhoek Community.

BB outlined the meeting agenda:

  • Rules of Engagement
  • Chairman’s Report
  • Watch a 2030 Project progress update presentation
  • Vote for 2017 Subs
  • Vote for EXCO 2017/2018
  • Q & A session
  • Announce the results of the vote
  • Give thanks & Close the meeting

After the meeting it was encouraged for the residents to chat to the 2030 project teams who were in attendance to promote their projects.


BB requested that:

  • We respect the feedback that will be presented by both the Chairman and Treasurer.
  • Should anyone have a concern or query, that they ask this during our dedicated question and answer session.
  • That the residents listen attentively to the Noordhoek 2030 vision presentation with an open mind and,
  • That the residents listen to each other so that we can broaden our understanding of the issues and suggestions within our community.


The achievements for 2016 are many.

  • The NRPA is now up and running and is being well managed.
  • Membership grew from 180 ratepayers in 2016 to 250 members of which 140 are paid up.
  • Meetings are held monthly with minutes posted on our webpage.
  • We have sound fiscal policies and we are building a base from which to eventually look at employing a permanent paid admin support person.
  • Communication is good via direct mail to members and prudent use of social media.


 BB started talking about achievements in our Communication Portfolio.

  • This portfolio was led by Lynn Brown, ably assisted by Stephen Cruikshank, Patrick Wright & Kathleen Thompson
  • Activities included doing 2030 Report Backs to key interest groups including
    • Our Food & Beverage sector,
    • Noordhoek Tourism & other tourism linked people,
    • Estate Agents working in Noordhoek and
    • The Common Committee
  • Another key focus was implementation of 2030 Projects, some being initiated by the NRPA and others gaining traction of their own accord with varying levels of NRPA involvement.
  • Regular Monthly Newsletters were written and communicated on various forums, including directly to our membership and on social media
  • Ad-hoc communication was done as required
  • We have written up first drafts of EXCO – Roles & Responsibilities to ensure smooth handover to new EXCO members


 Robin Stott, the Civic portfolio leader, has been involved with the NRPA for 3 years. He is assisted by Peter Ray

  • Graffiti & Illegal signage removal has taken place on a regular basis
  • A team of Green Wardens, managed by Robin, has been hard at work tackling invasive species on all City land in and around Noordhoek
  • Mediation of conflict between residents and city relating to water, rates, sewerage
  • Transport….attended meetings and followed up on projects involving transport related issues in our area (Houmoed Road and The South Peninsula Traffic Study)


 Jenny Shaw added value to the General Portfolio.

  • Jenny attended all the quarterly Far South Peninsula Community Forum Meetings and assisted with the organisation of the “Gatvol” meeting.
  • Jenny attended the Integrated Development Plan meeting, giving input to this process, which reviews and decides on budget & expenditure for our municipality.
  • Jenny has been elected to the Ward 19 Sub-Committee, where she now represents all Far South Civics in one of 2 Civic slots on this body.
  • She assisted Noordhoek residents with rates objections and with
  • The MTN Cell mast application meeting and related work.
  • She has been involved in the proposed Houmoed Rd public participation process, attending meetings on our behalf.
  • She assisted the Noordhoek families affected by City land for sale in Noordhoek.


  • Marike Colyn led the Planning and Land Use Portfolio assisted by Jenny Shaw.
  • Marike regularly attends the Environmental Liaison Meetings for both malls and the Sub-Council 19 meetings, when there are issues on the agenda pertaining to Noordhoek.
  • This portfolio requires a great deal of reading, to develop knowledge of Planning Laws, Land Use Rights, Building Regulations and Policies.
  • Special events applications all come through this portfolio where Marike checks that the application complies with City regulations, including notification of neighbours.
  • Providing advice is a key element of the portfolio specifically in areas of
    • Appeals process for rates valuations,
    • Primary, Secondary and Consent Use rights and
    • Dispute resolution in land use issues between neighbours.
  • The NRPA believes in engagement and has met with the new owners of the Cnr Noordhoek Main and Silvermine Rd to discuss what our community is about to try to influence the decisions they make.
  • All planning applications are co-ordinated by this portfolio, including
    • Departures from building regulations and the MTN cell Mast Application.

Our focus is on ensuring that public participation processes, as defined by law, are followed and that City Policy is accurately applied to decision making.

  • The NRPA is not an enforcement agent but tries to ensure compliance via consultation, engagement and reporting to the relevant authorities if this becomes necessary. The restaurant being built on the corner of Avondrust Circle and Noordhoek Main Road is a good example of how we have implemented this protocol this year.


  • Rob Speedy has led this portfolio for the last two years.
  • Our membership has grown steadily. In 2016 we had 180 members. As at February 2017 we have 250 members, with 140 of these having paid subs by March.
  • A self-service database accessible from our website was set up this year, making electronic membership applications a reality and allowing for easy updating of members’ details. Note that your “paid up” status will reset after tonight’s AGM.
  • We received a number of donations – Thank you!
    • R 12 000 donations received from members.
    • R 7 000 received from the Farm Village.
  • No specific project funding was undertaken this year.


  • Chris Strangways-Dixon & The Common Committee manages the Noordhoek Commonage on behalf of our community.
  • This year has been a challenge due to the drought.
  • Future focus will be on establishing a working borehole.
  • More planting of trees on the West side is envisaged.
  • Regeneration of the reed bed/pond by the main road continues
  • There is continuous clearing of invasive alien vegetation.


Going forward we will be focusing on

  • Improving relationships with other interest groups in Noordhoek,
  • Developing a specific strategy for each piece of City owned land in Noordhoek,
  • Expanding the EXCO support team, especially the Planning and Land Use Portfolio
  • Firming up on protocols and procedures and
  • Increasing the focus on 2030 related projects.


Please see our website for full presentation

One year after our 2030 Vision Process was completed; we have a number of exciting projects to share with you. We are blown away by the interest and energy being put into these projects.

Each of the 6 goals has attracted interest.

Let’s look at what’s happening under Spatial Planning.

The NRPA met with the Planning Department, for the Southern District, to discuss a local spatial plan for Noordhoek. The Spatial Development Framework does not allow us to have a separate spatial plan for NH. We were encouraged that it may be possible to get more overlay zones for Noordhoek. If we focus on an overlay zone for the whole Peninsula to protect its unique tourism appeal we may have more success. We will be pursuing this option.

The main aim of the Joint Sports Field Project was to increase the equestrian footprint in Noordhoek in a way that creates work and treads lightly on the environment. However there were some existing, and proposed, applications for this land so we formed a joint project team.The joint applicants are SARDA, HHH, NRA, Current Sports Fields Management Committee, Capella House primary school and a solar-school project. The City has the joint proposal. This has been circulated to all city departments. The current status is that they will pay for an EIA.

The Chapman’s Peak Nature Sanctuary, next to the Red Herring, is an important conservation and heritage area, managed by NEAG since the 1980’s. It is a mix of public open space and utility zoning, originally intended for schools. There are 2 ecosystems on these 4 hectares of land. One of these is a natural remnant of the original 12 hectares of tall Southern Coastal Forest Milkwoods Noordhoek. The other is 1.2 hectares of endangered Cape Flats Dune Strandveld. The area has been mapped as a Critical Biodiversity Area and NEAG is in discussion with the COCT Biodiversity Branch to start the process of getting this land formally protected as a Nature Reserve.

Moving on to our Good Neighbours Strategy.

Local resident Leila Anderson, in association with a number of artists from across the Valley, want to occupy the borders between us with art, creating a safe space for social encounters. A recent pilot in March was a huge success and we look forward to more when Leila returns from her second home in Amsterdam later this year.

Noordhoek resident & NRPA member, Lisa van Dongeran, in association with the Kommetjie Ratepayers Association, is planning a research project to understand and document civil society working in Masi, Ocean View and Red Hill. The focus will be on NGOs, CBOs, street committees and faith based organisations. The Intention is to collect information about these organisations, their focuses, beneficiaries, impacts and governance.

CPNW’s Patty Fennell, Patrick Wright and team are turning the old Municipal Standby Quarters on Avondrust Circle into a beautiful space for the Noordhoek Community. Currently this is the headquarters for ADT Neighbourhood Watch teams and a Volunteer Fire Unit Depot. The Kitchen has been completely revamped and there are plans to complete all interior and exterior renovations this year. CPNW needs your help to get this done.

Much has happened in the tread lightly space.

The Green Wardens are a team of local valley residents, paid by the COCT, and managed by Robin Stott. They have worked tirelessly on city owned land to clear illegal alien vegetation. This work will continue under Robin’s leadership.

The Clack family has started a successful urban organic farming initiative in Noordhoek, called Metro Organics. You can find their produce at the Village Deli or order online.

Nisan Bloch’s vermi-composting project is in the early stages of development. Currently he assists FaithJuice to dispose of their fruit and veggie waste and is exploring using other forms of waste to create compost.

Karoline Hanks’ Straws Suck Campaign has gained momentum in a short time. Café Roux, the Food Barn Deli and Restaurant, Faith Juice, De Noordhoek Hotel, the Red Herring, Coco Bean and Ellies Deli have all become straw free zones! She intends starting to campaign against other single-use plastics, like coffee cup lids and take away containers.

And now to the Circular Economy Strategy.

Although fibre cables have been laid throughout Noordhoek, there are no clear connection dates. Service Providers are waiting for the main rings to be connected by Telkom. There is enough demand to keep them busy elsewhere. Alternative Cellular-based solutions or “terrestrial” wireless internet solutions exist, which have now become available in most parts of Noordhoek

In its start up phase are Brendan Jenman’s MyVillageJobs and MyVillageSkills. This 2030 inspired project aims to stimulate the local economy and keep revenue local. MyVillageJobs will help employers and employees offer and find jobs specific to the valley. My Village Skills aims to get people off the street corner and into employment by offering a review and booking platform for skilled trades people.

Our equestrian culture is the heart of Noordhoek.

Arlene Nelson and Lisa McCullum, of Noordhoek Wetland Riders, initiated a productive conversation with SAN Parks. Reps attended two meetings from all Noordhoek riding circles; the NRPA and SAN Parks section rangers. The outcome has been a clearing of existing horse paths in the wetlands and the repair of a wetland bridge.

Lastly we look at projects in the Unplugged category.

Marike Colyn, in association with the Fish Hoek Historical Society, has developed an historical walk through Noordhoek, tracing our history from pre-colonisation. We look forward to the formal publication and launch of this initiative.

Gail Jennings, Andrea Marais-Potgieter and Nisan Bloch have proposed a pilot Woonerf project in Chapman’s Peak Extension. A woonerf is a place where pedestrians, cyclists and horses take precedence over vehicles. It includes a psychological shift in how we use our roads. Initial meetings with decision makers have been positive. Gail is now exploring what the next steps need to be, before we consult with residents in Chapman’s Peak Extension.

We welcome Tracy Brownlee to the 2030 team.

A professional facilitator who worked on our 2030 Vision Process and now living in Noordhoek, Tracy will be assisting, via project champions, NRPA initiated projects. She will also nurture linkages with all other 2030 related projects. An exiting revamp of 2030 website content and format is already being worked on.


Subs for 2017-2018.

The proposal is that annual subs be increased to R200, with an option to donate more for those wishing to do so.

Proposed by Marike Colyn

Seconded by Sharon Long

EXCO nominations for 2017-2018:

BB requested that each nominee stand up and tell us about themselves and why they are standing:

Chair = Brad Bing
Civic = Sharon Long
Communication = Liz Smith
General = Marc Bakker
Planning and Land Use = Jenny Shaw
Treasurer = Rob Speedy



 Note that additional information has been added to the answers given at the AGM to help clarify further.

Wetlands Burning – concern raised over recovery of the wetlands after fires

Fynbos & will recover

Wetlands: SAN Parks land and they have their own protocols.

Traffic and speeding on Noordhoek Main Road – when are we going to do something to solve this problem

City transport study happening for Far South and they are aware of our issues

National speed limits being revised

Noordhoek Riding Club met with the Traffic Department in March to specifically discuss speeding and other issues on Noordhoek Main Road.

Silvermine Road

New road works – preparations have narrowed the gap

NRPA will communicate to engineers. (Action Sharon Long)

Proposed Houmoed Extention

Process was clarified.

There is a long process involved in getting a decision as to whether this road will be built or not. This includes and EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) and a Public Participation Process.

Land Invasions in the Wetlands and Masi (Felicity Purchase answered)

We live in a Constitutional Democracy where land invasions are not legal. We follow national policy which dictates who can and who cannot get land. There is a housing development underway in Masi (phase 4) and the City needs to ensure that people already on the list get homes first. The national Department of Water has said no to development on Erf 5131 as this is a crucial watercourse. Erf 5131: There was originally a decision that no development could happen on that land. A consultant has given the City a possible development option, which includes an infill on a portion that will allow housing and an excluded portion, which cannot be developed because of its importance as a catchment area. If we get this right there will be enough housing for people currently in the wetland who are on the existing list.

Generation schools – will the school be built on that land?

EIA in process and research underway.

Need to apply for re-zoning which is a long process.

Safe Cycling Routes on roads – when are we getting these?

Provision for cycling lanes has been made for a portion of the Kommetjie Road upgrade.


A great deal of time goes into running the NRPA. We are grateful for the support of the following:

  • Monkey Valley
  • 2016/2017 EXCO & support team for service to the community & especially those not standing for re-election
    • Marike Colyn
    • Rob Stott
    • Lynn Brown
  • 2017/2018 EXCO & Tracy Brownlee for volunteering time
  • 2030 Project Teams
  • Felicity Purchase for her support with the CoCT
  • Noordhoek Community, including other interest groups, for support.