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Wireframe & Rules: (click on any text to take you there)

  1. Homepage (Home)– to display and showcase the NRPA at it’s best.
  2. About
    1. What we do
    2. The team
    3. Register
    4. Our Borders
    5. About this site
  3. Posts – displays all posts. All posts must have a category and a subcategory. Ideally 1-5 tags. In addition, add category = publication for mailchimp, and category = spotlight for a feature home page post (remove this when you want it off the homepage)
  4. FAQ and Resources
  5. Projects and Activities
    1. NRPA Projects
    2. Vision 2030
  6. EXCO
    1. Team
    2. Calender
    3. Meeting Minutes
    4. Source of Funds
    5. Annual Report
    6. Membership and Fees
  7. Contacts
  8. Get Involved
  9. Register



    Homepage Design Rules:

    Remember the homepage is a design item. So it needs to look the part, and show the things you want on as a landing page.

    • 6 fixed posts along the top , which are pages for topics that will remain relevant for a long time. Can be changed from time to time if relevant
    • moving headlines below that
    • Three spotlight posts and right hand side toolbar

    The published date can be changed in the edit post if you want to keep the post on the homepage

    Homepage  needs a “Design Guide” for the home page, which looks something like:

    • Only 3 posts should be marked as spotlight posts
    • 3 posts should be most relevant subjects of the time e.g.
      1. Water crisis update
      2. Specific bit planning update e.g. generations school
      3. Community project
      4. NRPA specific post re: membership or something of interest

    I think right now, water, NRPA and community are a good 3 subjects for a homepage

    • The post images should be well considered to look good on the landing page. The posts should be carefully formatted to look their best

    Each homepage post needs

    • a category and a sub category
    • one or more tags
    • if they are to feature on the homepage, they should also be a category = spotlight post
    • if they are to be published in a newsletter, that should also be a category = ‘publication’ post. This will then be sent out the next morning on Mailchimp

    All meeting minutes to be loaded as a post each month, and categorised as “Meeting Minutes”. They will then display on the Exco>>meeting minutes page

    Headings/Title: Most important part of a post. Ensure they are enticing, and clear (No CAPS LOCK)

    Look and feel and layout: very important.

    • always summarise attachment in a few lines at the top = this first paragraph will display in summary views or social media
    • make sure it looks good, image etc in list mode, and in detail mode
    • Use a featured image, to show an image in the summary views
    • Review the post once published, and ensure it looks the part


    • “meeting minutes” – shows on meeting minutes page
    • “spotlight” – shows on homepage
    • “publication:” – auto sends newsletter to contacts database (to 360+ names)
    • “Projects and Activities”  – shows on NRPA Projects page

    Remember to always post blogs/updates/information relevant to the community to the website first as a source location. This means

    a. all digital roads lead back to the website
    b. we maintain an orderly archive of past information
    c. we keep everything in one place

    Content collection:

    1. send content for distribution to the community to the communications portfolio. Give it a nice title, images and stipulate where you think it should be distributed.

    There are 3 distribution channels

    1. Social Media: Some posts might be relevant to post to social media. Once decided, once you have posted on to the website, share the URL to facebook or other. When you share the link, you will notice the featured image and summary paragraph will display on the social media
    2. Newsletter: Some posts might be relevant to send out in a newsletter, mailchimp, to our database community (all planning notifications). Set the post to category = publication, and this will go out to our mailing list the next morning (I think 09:00 am). At the moment, the template sends one post at a time. There is a need for a new template. Anyone that registers on the site, automatically builds treasurer database and adds the name to mailchimp
    3. Website: Understand which categories and tags display where. Tags are important, to use existing ones, so that users can find out related posts. e.g. ‘water crisis’ or ‘planning application’. Each page in the website is made up of posts, and by selecting the best fit category, and tags, the post will display in the right place
    1. regular updates
    2. vision pages on vision menu for each goal. This page could showcase each organisation that works toward the goal. e.g. see tread lightly
    3. improved contact form and registration management