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There are 1 866 erven (households) in the NRPA designated area. 258, around 14%,  are registered with us. 169 of these have contributed R200 toward the NRPA for 2017/18.

A breakdown per area is as follows:

169 paying members provides funds of approximately R34,000 a year to the NRPA. This severely limits its ability to secure sustainable support and resources for its activities. Members of the Executive Committee spend much of their limited available time on administration matters whereas their skills and expertise could be used far more effectively.

If 50% of registered owners in the Noordhoek area joined the NRPA and paid a contribution of R200 a year, approximately R186,000 a year could be raised. This would enable the NRPA to engage an administration person to handle the daily administration activities and the communications inbox. Surplus funds could be set aside to build a reserve fund with which to engage / civil / environmental professionals from time to time to provide substance to our collective voice.  These invariably amount to hundreds of thousands if done properly. The NRPA would be able to invest more in community owned amenities including the Noordhoek Community Centre, civic infrastructure enhancements (paths, signage, tourist information etc.)

As a Noordhoek property owner or resident, please consider joining the NRPA and making your contribution of R300 a year so that together we can realise The Noordhoek Vision.